Ventilating systems

Suction system

It works on the basis of forced ventilation of the product stored in boxes with open sides. This system allows you to set the boxes to about 7.5 m in height. During operation, the system created a vacuum between the two rows of boxes, so that air is drawn through the spaces in the boxes.

The advantages of this system:

  • High-quality design combined with perfect air distribution,
  • Forced ventilation is effective in rows about 25 meters long,
  • Excellent air distribution and drying properties.

Boxes recommended for suction system:

„Blow” System

It works on the basis of forced ventilation of the product stored in boxes with open sides and its construction is similar to the more widely known suction system. The ventilation system blows air between the two rows of boxes and to force the air movement horizontally across the boxes, the space at the top and at the end of the row must be blocked. This is done using iflatable balloons.

The advantages of this system:

  • •  Intensive drying, which is particularly needed during wet harvesting,
    •  Successful application of chemicals,
    •  The possibility of intensive ventilation directed at one pair of rows.

Boxes recommended for „Blow” system:

Letterbox system

It works on the basis of forced ventilation in boxes with fully closed sides, deposited to about 7.5 m in height. Air is injected directly into the pallet entry. Due to the use of the angled walls in this system air distribution is optimized and, with a high level of flexibility,ventilation ispossible in each row and layer of boxes separately. This system distinguishes perfect drying characteristics and distribution of the air which is suitable for different types of product.

Boxes recommended for letterbox system:

Room Ventilation Unit

It is used to store the product in the boxes. Ventilation is by natural circulation of air around the boxes which makes this system ideal for storage of the product at a specific temperature. The system is supported by a well thought out design with integrated air mixing flap, and it is flexible to use, user-friendly and easy to install.

Boxes recommended for Room Ventilation Unit:

Bulk Ventilation System

The optimum hight of product in storage is from three to five meters. Forced ventilation is done by forcing air through the prism from ventilation ducts. This system allows for optimal use of available storage space which results in optimizing storage costs.

Types of ducts used in the Bulk Ventilation System: