During the process of storing agricultural products, we aim at preservation of quality, a minimal weight-loss and creating the best climate for optimal processing.

Depending on the use and situation, Omnivent has various types of humidification systems:

Nozzle system

The injection of small micron particles of water in the ventilating air.

Evaportation panels

Leading ventilating air across sets of wet lamellas. This way water is absorbed by the ventilating air.


Due to the increasing demand for professional humidification systems in existing storage facilities, Omnivent has designed the Omnibreeze mobile device.

This way of humidifying the air allows for automatic humidity control. Evaporation ensures better results than nozzle humidification due to lack of water molecules in the air. This prevents droplets from settling on the product.

Omnibreeze due to its size is easy to put on a standard box, and the aluminum construction ensures durability.