Control cabinets

Omnivent company based on years of experience and knowledge of the latest automation solutions, has decided to introduce another element to its offer. Quality policy, taking care of the final product make us able to meet even the most difficult challenges.

We offer our customers full service from design to delivery and assembly in the following services:

  • design of automation systems for control and measurement - from simple installations to complex systems,
  • complete and delivery of control and measurement equipment,
  • execution of ready-made control cabinets and power supply for various automation systems - also according to the specification provided by the customer,
  • installation and start-up of automation equipment on any industrial site including structured cabling at the destination of automation,
  • staff training,
  • warranty and post-warranty service,
  • handling of working objects,
  • technical consultancy.

Our design office has long been engaged in the design of automation. Our systems increase the productivity of machines and devices, increase their reliability, and reduce operating costs by ensuring safety.

We also supply and install control cabinets and control and automation systems. Our skilled installers can efficiently execute our projects as well as the orders of our customers.

The industrial automation systems we implement will meet the highest demands by use of reliable, modern equipment, tailored to the issues of well-known and reliable suppliers.