24.07.2017 r.

Receive SMS every time alarm occurs in Your storage

Do you want to be notified via SMS about alerts in your storage?

By installing an additional notification module for your control cabinet, you can be notified about any of the following alarms:
- no power supply (the module is equipped with a battery to power itself when main power supply in gone).
- too low voltage, or phase asymmetry,
- engine thermal protection,
- too low or high product temperature,
- too low or high duct temperature,
- too low or high temperature of the cell,
- hatch alarm
- activation of frost thermostat,
- any other alarm set in the controller.

This module can work with any driver of our production, so it does not matter if we have built your storage 5, 10 or 15 years ago.

If you are interested in installing this module, please contact our sales or service department.

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