OmniFrigo 60

It's hot, isn't it? We have something for those who want to cool down. 60 kW of cooling power could cool down quite a lot of flats, but it is made for potatos. Omnifrigo 60 ready for shipment to our customer in Germany!

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Mobile pressure wall

Some things are possible only with us! Thanks to best engineers and carpenters we are able to do most difficult projects. Here client wanted to build pressure wall for bulk system but still he wanted to be able to use his gate when storage is empty. Omnivent delivered mobile pressure wall that can be disassambled if needed. 

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Next nice project finished

Over 2500 ton of potatoes in two cells with room ventilation system, humidification and OmniCuro control system!

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Receive SMS every time alarm occurs in Your storage

Do you want to be notified via SMS about alerts in your storage? By installing an additional notification module for your control cabinet, you can be notified about any of the following alarms: - no power supply (the module is equipped with a battery to power itself when main power supply in gone). - too low voltage, or phase asymmetry, - engine thermal protection, - too low or high product...

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